TRM TCU-4001



Standard DIN 46237
Material %100 Copper (E-Cu), Tin Plated
Insulation PA66 Nylon
Operating temperature Maximum 105°  600 Volt

Fork Cable Terminals

Insulated At the cable ends, the part indicated by L is the length of the terminal. With insulated terminals isolated,

In the case of the uninsulated terminals, the entire length of the uninsulated part enters the height.


Cable Terminals according to Cable Section and Bolt Size

Since the cross section is the part where the cable enters the terminals, the sections of the cable ends are made in the standard conductor cross sections.

0.5-1.5 mm2

1,5-2,5 mm2

4-6 mm2

8-10 mm2

Cable ends are generally defined by cable cross-section and bolt size. (1.5 cable Metric as for 3 Bolts)


Places of Use


The cables used in the panels are composed of multi-wire conductors. That’s why

installation of the cables in terminal strips and elements; security, labor and flexibility in terms of some disadvantages. To eliminate these drawbacks, the terminal contactor, measuring instrument and so on. When connecting cables to such elements, the cables must be used and plugged in.


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